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By Jennifer Lofthouse


Silly question, we know, but we are going to guess the answer is probably 'no'. The reason we ask is because we’ve come up with a super fun way to do just that. 

Picture this- whilst looking for exciting new sources for sustainable materials, we come across a furniture store in the south of Holland. No, we don’t usually use furniture brands as inspiration for our collections however this specific store was closing its doors for the final time but still had a large amount of materials which would have been used to reupholster sofas. The materials varied in size, some as little as 0.5-meter but- challenge accepted- we purchased the lot.


This seemed like an absolutely fantastic idea until there we were, sat in the stockroom surrounded by this beautiful, durable and colourful material absolutely clueless on where to begin. A delicate slip dress would hardly be wearable in such a thick material. Researching for a gap in the market, we realised that very few vegan and sustainable brands actually stock coats and jackets. To find a good quality, warm jacket that is not leather, contains no wool and no fur proves extremely difficult for us eco-shoppers. And so the story of Couch to Coat collection began!


Each of our jackets is perfectly unique. The jackets are all the same style and shape, slightly oversized but also slightly cropped. Using the smaller amounts of material, we made arms for some of the jackets, using a different print for the body. Using others, we made a few sizes in the same material, but no pattern laid on the jackets exactly the same. Purchasing from the Couch to Coat collection will ensure you have a completely unique, one of a kind item. 

After creating 24 different beautiful styles of jackets, we still had some material remaining. For this we created several styles of beautiful bralettes and our Sandi skirt, all of which you can find on our website, and another beautiful ruffle top (which we will release to you soon, promise!). 


We just turned up-cycling cool. Enjoy.



The Noumenon Team




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