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Best Vegan-friendly & Vegan Places to Eat in Amsterdam

Best vegan places to eat in Amsterdam

Ahhh, Amsterdam: the city of bicycles, picturesque canals and… scrumptious vegan food! At Noumenon we couldn’t be happier to be based in this bustling capital and see it become more and more vegan-friendly throughout the years: an inspiring variety of unique restaurants with plant-based menus have been popping up across every district. Whether you’re a fellow vegan, you’re giving Veganuary a go or you just want to try something different, we hope you’ll enjoy our recommendations of the best vegan places to eat in Amsterdam.

Beter & Leuk - Brunch

Beter & Leuk

Set the right tone for the day with an energizing healthy breakfast, lunch or… both! Located in the trendy Amsterdam-Oost area, Beter & Leuk is an artsy café that welcomes you with a vintage upcycled decor and offers you delicious vegan options with ethnic influences. We recommend their tempeh sandwiches and Korean bibimbap bowls!

Meatless District - Seasonal

Meatless District

With a branch in the bohemian De Pijp Area—our personal favourite!—and one in the quirky Oud-West, Meatless District is our go-to for fresh seasonal meals, cooked right in front of your eyes in their open kitchens.

Vegan Junk Food Bar - Fast Food

Vegan Junk Food

Do you know someone who thinks that vegans only eat salad? This is where you should take them! With four Amsterdam branches, this award-winning restaurant is ideal to satisfy cheeky junk food cravings. Have we mentioned that it’s incredibly Instagrammable?

Men Impossible - Japanese

Men Impossible

Sometimes nothing can warm you up inside like a hearty bowl of Japanese ramen, especially when it’s 100% plant-based like in this central ramen bar!

Golden Temple - Indian

Golden Temple

Named after a Sikh temple that offers free vegetarian meals to people of all faiths, this organic meat-free restaurant with an oriental bohemian decor has lots of vegan options. It’s definitely our top choice for curries and Indian street food. 

SLA - Salad


You could eat one of their salads or colorful bowls every single day and you wouldn’t get bored! Promoting healthy eating for both our wellbeing and the planet’s, this small chain of salad bars is slowly taking over the city… and our taste buds.

Mastino V - Pizza

Mastino V

Combining Italian traditions and a gluten-free plant-based approach, this Oud-West pizzeria and their homemade vegan cheeses are bound to steal a ‘pizza’ your heart.

Spirit - Buffet


Do you find it hard to pick just one dish? With lots of vegan options, this central meat-free and 100% organic buffet is a feast for the eyes and the belly. Make sure you go on an empty stomach!

Mr. Stacks - Pancakes

Mr. Stacks

It’s in the name! If you visit De Pijp, don’t miss out on the most aesthetically-pleasing, gravity-defying stacks of pancakes and mouthwatering vegan toppings.

Mr. & Mrs. Watson - Fine dining

Mr. & Mrs. Watson

This classy restaurant is ideal for a romantic date night. Plus, their award-winning vegan cheeses are guaranteed to melt the hearts of even the most avid dairy-eaters.

Wicked Waffles - Waffles

Wicked Waffles

Is there anything better than waffles? Yes: the wicked freshly-baked waffles that you can create from scratch choosing from dozens of vegan toppings in this cozy little spot next to the docks.

Vegabond - Shop & Deli


Shopping makes you hungry. Luckily this plant-based store in the Oud-West is also a delightful deli: perfect to grab a healthy bite after stocking up on the tastiest vegan supplies.

Soup en Zo - Soup & Light Bites

Soup en Zo

While they prepare fresh new recipes every single day, you’ll never fail to find a few yummy vegan soups in the 50% vegetarian menu of their three locations. 

Koffie ende Koeck - Cake Café

Koffie ende Koeck

We all deserve a slice of cake, sometimes… or two (we don’t judge!). When you want to treat yourself, look no further than this Amsterdam-West café: colorful organic and botanical decorations turn their delicious vegan cakes into an Alice in Wonderland-worthy tea party. 

Is your favorite vegan or vegan-friendly place to eat in Amsterdam on our list? If not, let us know in the comments. We look forward to trying it!

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    Love vegan places in Amsterdam 💕✨🌱 Thank you 🙏

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