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Noumenon’s vision is to create cruelty-free fashion which is ethically produced yet sophisticated. The timeless garments are composed for the conscious woman who wants to feel beautiful and comfortable, from the inside and out. But timeless means more than just creating beautiful garments. Timeless also means being sustainable.

Seasonless design, sometimes called ‘slow design’, refers to designing apparel in a timeless manner. Instead of focussing on the seasons (spring/summer and autumn/winter), Noumenon strives to emphasize the product itself. A piece of garment is more than a ‘fashion craze’, Noumenon believes quality and aesthetics are key.

Global and environmental trends are creating a need for seasonless designs; garments that can be worn any time of the year, anywhere in the world, with consideration for the environment. Therefore Noumenon embodies “less is more” as her design philosophy.



Unfortunately, the fashion industry is a contributor to a multitude of sustainability issues. The seasonal calendar pushes for overconsumption, waste and a relentless need for speed, which now characterizes the fast fashion industry. By creating products that are seasonless and long-lasting, Noumenon aims to break with the traditional fashion calendar. Our seasonless designs introduce long and durable bestsellers, including the idea that apparel will be re-used and recycled for infinite ‘fashion seasons’. By using ethical manufacturing principles in fabric selection and production process, Noumenon also aspires to minimize the carbon footprint.



Driven by climate change, environmental awareness, co-creation and being ethically and cruelty-free, Noumenon’s objective is to break the cycle of fast fashion. Slow is a revolution, it is an endless idea. Initiating subtle activism through the influence of fashion. So #changethegame together with Noumenon and live life better by living slower.


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