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We are always looking for new ways to reduce how much waste we produce. It’s quite heartbreaking to get rid of old clothes that don’t seem to be attractive enough or simply don’t fit you anymore. What comes to your rescue is the idea of giving an all new spruce to your long-lost clothes, that too with just a little bit of creativity and a few tools from around the house.

With all the time we now have as we social distance and working from home, why not spend it learning new ways to up-cycle your old clothing! We have some easy and useful DIYs that you can do to give your old clothes or fabric a new life.


1. Scrunchies

A trendy accessory of the moment, that you can make yourself! Best way to use up scrap fabric or an old t-shirt, choose colours to match your favourite outfit. Here is an easy step-by-step guide for a hand-sewn or no-sew option.

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2. T-shirt Canvas Art

Gold an old band tee that you love that doesn’t fit anymore? Or a caption tee that you always wear but has seen better days? No sweat, turn your favourite t-shirts into wall art! A quick and easy way to repurpose those vintage t-shirts and adding some fun elements to your space.

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3. Tie-Dye!

Let’s level up a little and try doing some tie-dye. This trend started last year and hasn’t seen an end yet, and is surprisingly easy to DIY. With a few supplies, you can turn your old clothing around into trendy pieces. Perfect for spring and summer. Here is an easy tutorial using all natural dyes found in your home!

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4. Embroidery

Along with baking banana bread and making Dalgona coffee, embroidery has taken the quarantine world by a storm. An easy and fun way to spruce up your old denims or clothing, you can change the whole look for a garment and personalise it. A quick YouTube guide for different embroidery stitches and you’re good to go.

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5. Shopping Bag

With all the grocery shopping we are currently doing, we cannot enough shopping bags! Avoid using plastic bags at the grocery store, plus reuse an old t-shirt to make your to shopper tote bag!

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We hope we have given you some motivation to try these DIYs to give your old clothing new life and to learn some new skills in this quarantine. Do tag us if you do try any of these!


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