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Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, we all have sense of isolation due to social-distancing and self quarantine. In these trying times, we have to make sure we stay strong and help each other, so we can come out of this surreal situation stronger and kinder.

During the outbreak, many of us, including the Noumenon team, have decided to work from home to keep each other safe and reduce social contact as much as possible. We realise that working from home is a perk and privilege that is not affordable by everyone. For those who have the ability to, it can be tricky to separate work-life balance while working from home. We have some tips that we find useful to make working from your living space a bit more bare-able, fun and productive!


1. Set up a schedule

 Setting a routine with dedicated work hours can be a big help. Avoid doing chores like groceries or cleaning during 'work hours' as it can get distracting and switch off work notification and emails after hours. Draw a clear schedule for the day so your mind knows when to switch off.


2. Take breaks frequently

Regular small breaks will keep you from burning out and getting demotivated! Listen to some music or make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee to get back into work mode.


3. Wear a cute outfit

Get out of those pyjamas and get dressed! You’re not going to be as productive or take your work as seriously if you are still in your pyjamas. So put on your favourite comfy outfit to feel food and take the day on! At Noumenon we have quite a nice selection for comfortable yet fun pieces, ideal for work from home!


4. Check-in regularly with your colleagues

When you’re in the office, you can stop by someone’s desk to find out how a project is going, troubleshoot problems or see if they need help. This can be quite difficult when working from home. Hence, regular check-ins with your team or boss via video or phone can help streamline workflow and also give everyone a sense of connection.


5. Stay active and healthy

Keeping your body and mind healthy is crucial at the moment so don't forget to be active, drink plenty of water and eat healthy. @denieuweyogaschool is streaming free yoga lessons and and @milouturpijn are uploading videos on YouTube to help people exercise from home. Choose an app or Youtube workout videos to do a quick session to rejuvenate. Now is the time to pull out that cookbook with healthy recipes and experiment with cooking!


We hope these tips will help life in this crazy times a little and make the most out of being home. Each one of us has a role to play in preparing ourselves and our families for potential disruptions and upholding our civic duty to help prevent further outbreaks. If we each do our part, we can help lessen the risk for everyone. We can save lives. So stay home, stay safe and remember, we will get through this together!


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