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By Mira Begova 

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” —Jackie French Koller

From the moment we are born, we are told to pursue more. Advertisements from every television, radio, newspaper, magazine, billboard, and website scream to us on a daily basis that more is better. But we all know it is not true. We all know, deep-down, that happiness can not be bought at a department store—more is not necessarily better. 

But what if, in reality, there is actually more joy in owning less? 

That truth would change almost everything about us. It would change the way we spend our hours, our energy, and our money. It would change where we focus our attention and our minds. It would change the very foundation of our lives. And if it were true, it would free us up to pursue the things in life that we most value. In other words, it would be a life-changing and life-giving realization. It is time to save time, money and mental energy. 

For example, when is the last time you simplified your wardrobe? Perhaps this weekend will be a great time to embrace a little bedroom-closet minimalism. Simply put, simple is the new black.

What you wear is a reflection of your self-esteem. Simplifying your wardrobe doesn’t mean you can’t have interesting elements that make you happy and that make you look forward to getting dressed every day.” because you can tell when a person likes her or himself by the way they dress.

 This doesn’t mean you need to become a style slave. It simply means that you dress neatly in clothes that flatter you – whether you’re casual or dressy. If you have just two pairs of jeans and a few tops, then let those few things fit you perfectly and look fabulous. 

When you wear clothing that is flattering to your body, you learn to love your body and view it in a different way that enhances your life.  Every day, you can reinforce your own positive image.”

Buying the best clothing that really makes you look terrific is worth the money in the long run.  Imagine having just a few beautiful items that fit you perfectly, make you feel happy, and are timeless.  These items may cost more up front, but take it from me, this kind of shopping will save you money and stress in the long run,, and you’ll be on your way to a minimalist closet that works.

At Noumenon our philosophy is to offer you essential garments to build this kind of timeless wardrobe. Every product is made from 100% qualities  and selected to be vegan and good for the environment (organic cotton, cupro, tencel…). You can read more about it on our website under Fair About Fabrics page.

Keep an eye on our webshop because our new collection is dropping soon. We believe style is a personal thing, which has less to do with fading trends as Coco Chanel said “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”.


Our advice is to take it slow and try to select each piece that you buy as your favorite one. This way you avoid waste and you take care of what you have in a precious manner. Follow your intuition and choose what suits you best. 


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