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Combining pieces made of smooth fabrics with structured, rough garments, create a multidimensional, layered “Genuine Ego”. The Ego is generally perceived as an idea or opinion of oneself, especially the feeling of one’s own importance and ability. However, ideas and opinions are often formed in the phenomenal world which makes it challenging to be aware and to trust one’s intuition. When is it truly what something is said to be, when is it authentic. Or better said, what is the “Genuine Ego”? Divided in two sub themes, Mental Daydream and Introverted Inception, Genuine Ego explores the theme of finding balance in the self. What to do, think, say, eat, feel, wear, they all require awareness. Through awareness one will grow and it is awareness that forms the foundation of a Genuine Ego.

The new collection is layered, multidimensional, anonymous, mysterious, inside out and distorted. Yet at the same time it is structured, clean, smooth and open. It is exactly these dualities that form the source of inspiration for Noumenon’s second collection.


Mental Daydream is Deeply Dreamy and heavily influenced by Surrealism, which is pure psychic automatism, by which it is intended to express the true functioning of thought. Thought expressed in the absence of any control exerted by reason, all moral and aesthetic considerations. Upsetting and amusing, it contains symbols of one’s deepest desires and anxieties. This means a silhouette that plays with the proportions of the feminine body and a static structure where fabrics seems to take over. Velvet, often associated with nobility, gives the garments a multidimensional and mysterious feel.

Introverted Inception is also influenced by the most inner thoughts but likes to keep things internally. It is about heritage, a sense of belonging, where ethnic details are minimalistic and simplified. The silhouette is a development of Flowing Forward, it is in a state of perpetual flow. Using the silky, vegan fabric Ramie, Introverted Inception is clean yet innovative. Combined with noticeable structures such as ribbed fabrics and pure linens, they form a delight to the senses.

Faded pigmentations, the contrast between paleness and intensity, dusty tones and saturated hues, create a sense of wholeness. The used colors initiate oneness in the collection. This collection is the balance between Mental Daydream and Introverted Inceptionwhich together form the “Genuine Ego”. Being aware and mindful is Noumenon’s “Natural Instinct”. With Noumenon’s second collection it is time to take this instinct to a higher level, it is about sensing Noumenon.